Great features

NFT Avatar
Easily set your picture as your domain avatar.
Public Profile
Attach publicly profile information such as your website, social media, etc.
Sub Domain
Create unlimited subdomains like welcome.yourdomain.okc for the members of your organization, your family, ect.
Where you can display your NFT collections. It is organized with many functions to help managing your galleries easily.
Store variety of custom data records, that can be expanded later.
Transfer your domains between domains or addresses.


  • Launch website & twitter
  • Launch the testnet program
  • Launch Mainnet
  • Launch features: set NFT avatar, social link, transfer domains, etc.
  • List domains on NFT marketplace
  • Build SDK & API
  • Launch profile page
  • Launch NFT gallery
  • Launch subdomain
  • Domain integration campaign
  • Update smart contract V2
  • Launch LadingPage Builder tool
  • Launch referral program
  • Launch extension: Chrome, Firefox
  • Launch DAO's governance
  • $OKCD token airdrop for holders
  • $OKCD staking & farming
  • List $OKCD on CEX exchanges
  • Buyback & burn $OKCD
  • Update smart contract V3: Blog, Shop, etc.


What is blockchain domains?
A blockchain domain is an asset on the blockchain. Blockchain domains are designed to resolve your domains and wallet using smart contracts.
Can I transfer my blockchain domains?
Yes, OKC domains are ERC721(NFT), you can transfer your domains with the wallets that supports ERC721.
Does OKC domain compatible with traditional ICANN domains?
No, OKC domains are built with blockchain technology.
How to connect metamask wallets, and transfer OKT?
Connect Metamask: Soon
Can OKC domains be traded on NFT maketplace?
Yes, OKC domains may be traded on NFT marketplaces soon.
How much does it cost to register?
Currently, subscription costs are set at the following rate:
5 characters or more
4 characters
3 characters
2 characters
The characters 2 and 3 and 4 are priced as 'premium' to reflect the small number of these names available.

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